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About Us

Hi there! I'm Jess, the owner of Sprouted Heart.

I started Sprouted Heart with my sister in 2013 with a goal of making delicious comfort foods with all natural and organic ingredients. After studying Natural Resource Management at UC Berkeley, I had become passionate about sustainably sourcing ingredients and its importance on the health of both our bodies and the Earth. After college, I travelled to many places, meeting new people and foods, which deepened my love and appreciation of nutrition and natural farming techniques. Studying herbal medicine in Oregon furthered my understanding of the healing power of plants and foods. After coming home to the San Francisco Bay Area, I was full of love for good quality, nutritious food and decided to start Sprouted Heart to share this love with my community.

 In 2015, we were inspired to create a quality gluten free flour blend that could be used to make the most delicious gluten free foods. We had several friends that were forced to switch to a gluten free diet for health reasons, and we wanted to create a flour they could use in their favorite recipes that wouldn’t sacrifice flavor or texture. 

A few years and a pandemic later, my sister is no longer part of Sprouted Heart, other than as my official taste tester :) I am now focused on my gluten free packaged products: Superfood Granola Bar, All Purpose Flour, and Pancake & Waffle Mix. I am so proud of these products and so excited to get them in the hands of more people! Everything I make is full of love and sprouted from my heart, and I am happy to be spreading the love.